Universal Search is a term coined by Google in which results from different vertical search engines (images, video, news etc?) are integrated into Google's regular search results. The idea is that textual listings may not necessarily be the most relevant result for a user's query.

Universal Search requires a wide-range content strategy in addition to simply text. Here are some tactics worth looking into in terms of Universal Search:

- When using images in your web pages consider adding related keywords to both the name of the image and the alt text

- When uploading videos to YouTube and Google video take full advantage of adding a full description about your video.

- Promote your uploaded videos on your blog or through press releases. The higher your ratings and the number of views, the more authoritative your video.

- Apply to be a Google News Source. If this doesn't work, submit your latest content to sites which are Google News Sources.

- Keep visitors on your site longer by adding enticing content which compares competitors, offers pricing and gives them something tangible to take away (whitepapers, data sheets).

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