TripAdvisor has always been known primarily as a place to research trips, with reviews covering 7 million hotels, restaurants and attractions. Research from comScore shows that the company influences an incredible 40% to 50% of all hotel reservations globally. What TripAdvisor isn't nearly as well known for is its ability to help users compare prices and book their hotel stays. The company's instant booking feature was designed to take advantage of this opportunity, allowing users to book hotel stays directly on TripAdvisor without clicking away to another site. The problem? Upon launch, instant booking didn't always provide the best price even when it was the most prominent option. Not surprisingly, users didn't embrace the new feature, causing revenue per hotel shopper to fall significantly. In the first half of 2017, TripAdvisor began to downplay instant booking when it didn't offer the best price, and the hotel segment managed to achieve positive revenue growth for two consecutive quarters. But last quarter, hotel segment revenue fell year-over-year again, as it became clear the shift to a booking model wasn't gaining traction as quickly as expected, and advertisers also lowered the price they were willing to pay for the click-based leads they get from TripAdvisor. Get the full story at The Motley Fool