If you're a decision-maker at a hotel, you may not know what an API is or why it matters. But you should. While APIs are important to the work of people like hospitality tech managers and decision makers at any modern-day hotel, they actually affect the entire organization. Think about it: Technology is a major part of the modern hospitality industry and the organizations that are transforming entire swaths of the industry are all digitally-based: OTAs, Airbnb, even payment processing. APIs, or Application Program Interfaces, are the backbone of any digital network of programs. They are how we connect the various hospitality software, applications, and programs that keep our hotel operations running on a daily basis. So when choosing new technology for your hotel, it's crucial you consider how the API will work. In 2013, there were 10,000 open APIs made available to the world by all sorts of different technology companies. Unfortunately, there's still a protectionist attitude held by some traditionalists (yes, even in the hospitality industry) that keep APIs, and therefore valuable data, trapped behind exorbitantly expensive paywalls or need-to-know-basis-style information hoarding. Get the full story at SnapShot