As Google delves further into semantic search, our focus must shift from targeting keywords to answering questions. Search Engine Land shows how you can use structured data to help search engines understand your content. A few means of supplying structured data to Google are as follows: - Structured markup on your web pages using - Structured information in the form of tables (ideally with some semantic alignment to - Information in the Linking Open Data cloud tends to be fertile ground for seeding knowledge graphs. Try to provide strong and consistent signals by placing relevant, high-precision information in locales such as Freebase, Wikidata and other such places. - Leverage items such as APIs, data feeds, Atom feeds and other similar formats to ensure timely updates of your information and to ensure consistency of the signals you send across all sources that search engines may reference (or cross reference or corroborate) . - Leverage all forms and mechanisms that may entail structured information representation, such as inherent structure in the HTML DOM or more specific structure in HTML5. Get the full story at Search Engine Land