Web users, however, use different platforms to share online content with different groups of people. Social networks are the top method for sharing content with friends, as 92% of users do so, while email is the most popular way to share with family (86%) and colleagues (26%). In sharing online content with the general public, consumers prefer to use message boards (51%) or blogs (41%). At The One Club’s Creative unConference in May, Paul Adams, global brand experience manager at Facebook, said that the average person has four different friend or influence groups. Each has an average of 10 people and they are based around life stages, experiences or hobbies. “We are highly influenced by people who are up to three degrees away from us,” he said, which presents a tremendous word-of-mouth marketing opportunity via social sharing. By studying the ways in which consumers share content online, marketers can determine the best ways to reach consumers and make an impact on social sites or via advertising. Get the full story at eMarketer