This is a new breed of consumer that will take a new way of thinking to earn their allegiance. Once this mentality has been adopted, it will ultimately dissolve any unfair connotations that have been linked to this generation – and show you why you can get your Millennial guests to be brand loyal. We’ve been diving into this topic to help marketers better understand what drives this demographic. In our last article on Millennials and loyalty, we uncovered that Millennials want brands to publish authentic content, they want to be approached on their own terms and they aren’t influenced by traditional advertising. Does that mean Millennials will never become brand loyal consumers? A new study conducted by Software Advice (a hotel management research firm) surveyed a group of 18 to 34 years old Millennials consumers to determine their views on hotel loyalty programs. This survey helps flesh out a clearer understanding on what it takes to get this generation to repeatedly book with your hotel and why Millennials are actually more brand loyal than they get credit for. Get the full story at Leonardo