One of the biggest changes to your Facebook page is how content is presented. In the past, your posts and status updates would be displayed in two columns as users scrolled down, but the new change puts everything into one streamlined column. This straight line of content will make it easier for users to read and consume your posts, photos, and videos. This is good news for hoteliers since this change will allow you to quickly communicate more crucial information to travel shoppers who are researching their next trip. You now have the option to showcase your: - Address - Phone number - Hours of operation - Location on a map - Apps - Likes and visits - General hotel information - Photos, videos, and reviews - Posts from other Facebook users to your page - Pages that your page likes Even though a lot has changed here, you still have some control. You can reorder your sections so they appear higher up in the left hand column. However, you’re unable to reorder the “people” and “about” tabs, but everything else can be shifted around to suit your hotel’s needs. Get the full story at Leonardo