Now more than ever is that you need to have your name on everyone’s social tongue. You need people to “like” your social platforms and review you so that you are seen when people search in the new TripAdvisor. The travel feed of TripAdvisor is going to put friend’s likes and suggestions up front. This is similar to the change Facebook went through recently. If your content on Facebook is not engaging, Facebook doesn’t show it. If you cannot create your own content or corral an online community, you can hire experts to do this. You can also once again try to lure the travel guidebooks to your property to write about you. Monthly press releases, great pictures, and video items need to be added to your marketing agenda. Find your niche and what you excel in. Is it your breakfasts? Is it your location? Or is it your hospitality? Find that angle and nail it (or in social terms “pin it”) to the social wall. Get the full story at INNsights