By convincing travelers to start their hotel search on Google Search rather than TripAdvisor, Priceline, or Expedia Google is making a powerplay against two of its biggest customers. Some suspect that Google will use its search platform to encourage hotels to advertise direct listings to potential lodgers if there is a sufficient data match, cutting out the online travel agencies completely. Everyone knows that Google has boatloads of user data. Targeted advertisements could be a compelling proposition for hotels which seek to avoid the fees from Expedia and Priceline which can be as high as 25%. The company that is most directly targeted by Google's move into hotels however is TripAdvisor. Like Google Hotels, TripAdvisor is a search platform for travelers where they can find hotel listings they can book through the online travel agencies. Just like everything else happening in tech right now, there is strong reason to believe that Google Hotels will be focused on mobile engagement. One successful and emerging mobile hotel booking app that Google may be taking a look at is Hotel Tonight. Hotel Tonight is an Android and iOS app that launched in 2010 and has now been downloaded over 8 million times. The app is perfect for travelers on the go because it specializes in matching buyers and sellers for last minute hotel bookings. Adding this type of service on top of Google Hotel's mobile app which launched in November 2013 would put even more emphasis on Google's mobile engagement which is already quite entrenched. Get the full story at Seeking Alpha (free registration) Read also "Google finally checks in to the hotel business", "Google Travel’s grand plan? Become the ultimate aggregator" at Skift and "Google just became a real problem for online travel agents" at InvestorPlace