Travel companies are studying your spending patterns to predict what you want, and what you're willing to pay for. "Personalized marketing and targeted product design are extremely powerful opportunities," a survey by the Future Foundation and the World Travel & Tourism Council concluded. Indeed, "big data" are the buzz at every travel industry conference, as if they are the solution to all our problems. Yet big data can't begin to paint a portrait of our misery. And that misery boils over into outrage when we overlay the travel industry's questionable customer service record with its recent profits. Vast sectors of the travel industry are wrapping up their best year in memory. Yet customers feel violated. Nowhere is that raw anger more visible than among airline passengers. "Fees for checked luggage, onboard meals and legroom, are just signals that the traveler is a target for the airlines' bottom line," says Margaret King, director of the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis, and a frequent airline passenger. "Travelers are the perfect captive audience. Instead of feeling cared for, fliers feel jerked around and exploited." Get the full story at USA Today Read also "Hotels revamp guest rooms for Millennial travelers"