Great though it is at the travel business, TripAdvisor has not quite got this stock market business sorted. The problem, it would appear, is that the brokers’ analysts like it too much. Tuesday’s Q3 report showed that yet again they’d gone over the top and had computed profit figures that TripAdvisor could not possibly reach. Of course, that knocked the share price right off its perch, creating a fantastic opportunity for the bane of company boards – the momentum traders. There is nothing they like more than shares that they can knock about, jumping in and out, taking a turn on the price at every go! Once they latch on to a company the shares are stuck on a roller-coaster. A look at TripAdvisor’s share price over the last year tells the story – they’ve traded between $71 and $111, rising up to peaks of $110, $107 and $104 within that time and between them dipping to $73, $77 and $79. Yesterday they were at $72, against the pre-Q3-announcement’s $86. Enough to make a long-term investor queasy – and the rest of the travel wondering what on earth is going on. No wonder CEO Steve Kaufer was driven to say to a BostonGlobe journalist asking him about his share price that “I don’t know – don’t care”. Understandably to a guy who’s still building a hugely diverse, multi-billion dollar online travel site, the world’s largest, the shares have “nothing to do with the fundamentals of the business”. Get the full story at EyeForTravel