Some emails are useful only for the few seconds we read them. Others we mentally highlight and return to again and again. The idea may impact the strategy behind each, so which is which? And can we quantify this behavior based on the type of message? That’s what we wondered. Here’s what we found. To find our answer looked at five email campaign types – newsletter, pre-arrival, in-resort, post-departure, weather report – sent to over 250,000,000 recipients across 50,000 campaigns. We then divided total opens of each message by unique opens to find the average number of times each opener opened a message. Newsletters saw the fewest opens per opener at 1.5 while pre-arrivals saw the highest at 3.5. Between those points were in-resort (2.5), post-departure (2.1), and weather or snow reports (1.9). Get the full story at Ryan Solutions