These are among the findings from a research conducted by Insights in Marketing LLC and their i-on-Women team, surveying over 1,200 women and 200 men to find out more about how women approach their travel decisions and how brands perform in their perceived understanding of women’s needs. Other key findings include: - Only 23% of women are extremely satisfied with the products/services in the travel category; - Women’s influence on the household is strong, with 97% having complete or some influence on the purchase decision of travel; - When shopping for travel, top things women consider are: Price (48%), meets a specific need (31%), promotion (29%) and quality (28%). “People now understand that women control more than $7 trillion in domestic spending and control purchase decisions for 85% across most major categories. Yet, only 9% of women feel as though marketers are effectively marketing to them,” says Tinesha Craig, division director of i-on-Women. As reported by CNN Business Traveller earlier this year, some hotels are paying attention, catering for more female business travelers, for example. But among travel and hospitality brands, good examples seem to be far and few in between. Get the full story at Social Media Today