Within minutes of the launch of Airbnb's new logo, customers and journalists alike begin comparing the new mark to everything from grizzly bears to female anatomy. And while Airbnb certainly got a lot of press, its response was a first rate example of clever damage control and coolheaded restraint. It took to Twitter in real-time to acknowledge people's observations and join in on the fun. In response to the tweet, "The new @Airbnb logo looks like a weird butt," Airbnb replied lightheartedly, "We prefer well-rounded." It took to the media outlets with a few select statements suggesting, more than anything else, that it believed in the new brand and was standing steadfastly behind it. The most brilliant thing Airbnb did was a week or two after launch, once things had cooled down a bit. It produced "The Bélo Report: an infographic on the new Airbnb symbol." Not only was this "report" a beautiful, shareable JPG that just begged to be read, but it once again took control of the story Airbnb wanted to tell. It was witty and passionate. Get the full story at iMedia Connection