Facilitated bookings–such as Book on Google, Express Booking, and Instant Book–are bookings directly made on the metasearch publisher’s site. While each publisher has its own quirks related to its facilitated bookings, we hope this post will give a concise overview of things to consider when deciding whether facilitated bookings are the best option for your metasearch campaign. For advertisers who suffer from poor conversion rates or don’t have an optimized booking experience, facilitated bookings provide a uniform experience for the user, where the complete sales process exists in one location. This can come with the added benefit of a potential CVR boost. This uplift can be seen especially on mobile where advertisers can lose bookings by not having a mobile-optimized experience. The facilitated booking experience can also improve conversion rates for advertisers with weak landing pages. Advertisers that have already integrated a top-notch mobile and landing page experience might not see as much of a change, but if your conversion rate takes a major dip on mobile, facilitated bookings could be a direct solution to this problem. Get the full story at Koddi