Davis told Fierce CIO the push to hire is really around a few things, and all business and market driven. Technology is a big part of the travel industry and mobile is growing, he said. “We are competing in the marketplace through Internet distribution, marketing and so forth,” Davis said. “We're expanding into new markets, and that would include international markets, so there is a lot of capabilities of things that we're doing to be able to provide to both the customer and our franchisees in international markets. “We're creating new lines of business. Our operating performance has been extremely well, and part of that is not only because of our brands and our marketing, but the technology we've put in place. It ties back to our global distribution platform. That system must be kept strong and running fast, because from a consumers' standpoint, when they're on the website they don't want to have to wait. We also made it very easy to do a three-point booking on our mobile app to book a reservation." Get the full story at Hotel Management