PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series interviewed 1,026 business and leisure travelers to understand how their preferences are influencing investment priorities for the world’s leading hotel loyalty programs. PwC analyzed their responses to gain deeper insights into four questions that focus on customer loyalty within the lodging industry: 1. Are the loyalty behaviors of the rising millennial traveler unique to this age group or indicative of a larger macro trend among travelers? 2. How does loyalty program currency value drive loyalty, engagement, and ultimately value for brands and owners?—Especially in an increasingly competitive and consolidated hotel market. 3. What do travelers find to be the most compelling aspect of hotel loyalty programs and what can hotel brands do to drive engagement? And if faced with a tradeoff between hard and soft benefits, where should hotel loyalty programs focus? 4. How can traditional hotel loyalty programs compete with the increased presence of sharing economy travel options? Download the whitepaper at PwC (PDF 3.4 MB)