What's the value of a MySpace user letting a brand latch onto his or her page? A return that keeps multiplying long after people have agreed to let marketers on their profiles, according to a study released today by MySpace owner Fox Interactive Media in conjunction with Carat. Fox executives are presenting the results of the study to a group of online-advertising clients today in Los Angeles.

The value of an ad interaction in the social-media space has been somewhat of a mystery. While most suspect the highly engaging environment might be a good place to reach consumers, there are also questions about ad receptiveness on personal pages -- there's no ready-made means of measurement because it's a new channel.

The study, which was fielded in fourth quarter last year and first quarter this year, involved case studies from two Carat clients, Adidas and Electronic Arts. It looked at three different types of ad interactions available through MySpace: display ads, custom marketer MySpace pages, and branded profile skins and features consumers can use on their personal pages. It also measured lift in four traditional ROI metrics: intent to purchase, positive brand image, intent to recommend and unaided awareness.

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