Something smells at an increasing number of hotels. And while it’s sometimes unbearable for guests with fragrance sensitivities, like me, or asthma, like Haas, the motive behind “scenting” is sweet — or so they say. - The Four Seasons Hotel Chicago’s signature scent blends local violets, water lilies and clean citrus with hints of cedarwood for “an unforgettable finish that greets guests upon arrival,” says Carly Fowler, an account manager at Air Aroma, a company that supplies the trademark fragrances. - At the Hotel Irvine in southern California, “we gently pump a pleasant scent of watery green floral notes of jasmine and lily, mixed with creamy oriental floral nuances and a touch of musk, amber, sheer woods and vanilla into our public spaces,” general manager Jeroen Quint says. - The Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa infuses its air with fig, bergamot, jasmine and freesia, “to convey a sense of belonging,” says Tina Hingle, the hotel’s marketing manager. The right scent, she adds, “can evoke warm memories, relax the body and calm the brain. Controlled use of scent can create a desirable and inviting atmosphere.” Get the full story at USA Today