Can you imagine where you’ll be in 2020? How about making that same leap in time to forecast the state of the hotel industry? A panel with Matt Page, associate principal of SB Architects; Isaac Collazo, VP of performance strategy & planning at InterContinental Hotels Group; Ron Swidler, principal at the Gettys Group; and Patrick Bosworth, co-founder and CEO of Duetto a this years Hotel Data Conference offered their views on what the industry will look like by 2020. What’s the next big thing? Swidler: “The next big thing is virtual travel. … I was just at a conference in Montreal where I put on some virtual reality goggles and I was sitting with yak herders in a yurt. It was unbelievable. Virtualization is going to create an entire different platform for us as an industry.” Collazo: “I think the next big thing will be dealing with technology disrupters. … We need to start adopting the consumer practices that the tech companies have shown us.” Page: “I think it will be the socialization and personalization of the experiences so that the experience is always going to be unique wherever you go and really tied into that culture of wherever it is.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now