Over the last few years, most of us have called a major American travel company and spoken to someone in Bangalore, Mumbai, or Manila. Recently USAToday.com asked readers to share their experiences with these foreign call centers. After sorting through your responses, it's clear that many of you are not satisfied with such service.

There's no question that call-center outsourcing is a volatile issue, affecting millions of Americans in myriad ways: Off-shoring means a loss of jobs in the U.S., with broad-reaching effects on the domestic political, economic, labor, and social fronts. But it's also been a sensitive topic to address from a customer service perspective. Political correctness may have prevented travelers, journalists, and regulators from discussing this issue publicly. But that hasn't meant consumers haven't discussed it privately?and their quietly growing frustration has only hurt the same travel companies that made the decisions to off-shore customer service in the first place.

Both inside and outside travel, there has been a growing backlash in recent years against foreign call centers?not because of social, economic, or labor issues, but because of more mundane customer service issues.

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