Quality inbound links are an extremely important element of any promotion and when many are obtained I am certain they are a significant cause for rankings. There are even circumstances where 'Google Bombing' (the act of having many sites linking to an unrelated site using nefarious text in order to get that site ranking for that text) has worked. Google Bombing, however, is SPAM and not the type of promotion that a business should be considering because it is against search engine policy and it has the inevitable negative of placing all of one's eggs in one basket.

In reality before an inbound link can be established as credible your page must be credible. For your page to be credible it must clearly identify the topic that is reflected on the inbound page. Here is an example:

Say you currently have 800 links from various relevant sites pointing to a page within your site. Now, consider a search engine algorithm; it will try to determine if these links are relevant to your page and determine if you are to get a boost from these links. This is your moment; you must convince this ruthlessly objective software algorithm that your page is clearly and undeniably relevant to the pages that are pointing to your page. This determination will require that your page is setup to clearly present relevance. In other words, you will need to ensure that your page title, Meta Description, headings and content all clearly reinforce the topic you wish to portray.

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