Rather than having an open attitude to the programs, the consumer research bears out a far more selective approach. Some 61% of business respondents believe guests will sign up to every loyalty program on offer, where in reality only 24% of guests do, with a third rarely signing up to any loyalty program at all, a figure hotels guessed to be just 6%. Relevancy of offers and rewards is another area that throws up a large discrepancy: 54% of hoteliers thought guest offers are mostly relevant, while only 22% of guests think they are. Conversely only 6% of hoteliers thought guest offers are rarely relevant whereas 39% of guests think offers are not relevant. Furthermore, 62% of hoteliers currently do not engage influencers and 71% do not have brand ambassadors, yet 43% of guests are influenced by YouTubers. It’s clear that if hotels want loyalty programs to be successful, a rethink in strategy is required. Get the full story at Lodging and download the study at Oracle (free registration)