When we asked these business travelers about what types of sites they are most likely to use when researching hotels for their business travel, there was an almost even split between review, supplier, metasearch, and OTA sites. What they did tell us clearly is that they have not yet moved to rental booking sites like Airbnb (using them only 14% of the time) and don’t often stray from corporate booking tools or agents, using them 44.6% of the time. This reinforces that a significant number of business travelers aren’t yet engaging through these channels, and gives some indication of where users are getting their most valuable information about hotels. This was another area that we saw some significant difference between male and female respondents, with women identifying TripAdvisor as their most impactful resource. The distribution of business travelers in our own data roughly follows this view as well, though we do see Trivago deliver at a higher level than the responses here indicate. Our wording – most impactful – was purposeful to try to understand what users identified as being their primary driver, and we suspect that different question formats could yield different results. Get the full story at Koddi