An evolving search landscape will drive significant innovation in ad technology, and online marketers will invest in these solutions to remain competitive. Audience, relevance, social and mobile are the trends Search Engine Land is making out for the sector in 2014. 1. Audience-Based Search Optimization This will revolutionize the paid search industry. Search has always been a great indicator of user intent. For example, capturing the intent of booking travel accommodations might exist in the form of the search keywords [california hotels] and [florida hotels]. Both keywords generate clicks and downstream revenue, but let’s assume [california hotels] is more likely to be searched by older, wealthier travelers and drive higher lifetime value customers than [florida hotels], which is searched more by younger, cash-strapped students. Using demographic data captured by a data management platform (DMP), a travel advertiser could conditionally attribute more value to keywords and ad creative that drive older, wealthier travelers to their website. This audience-based optimization enables advertisers to effectively acquire more customers with higher lifetime value. 2. Industry-Specific Ad Formats More industry-specific ad formats are likely to emerge. The meteoric rise in PLA adoption by retail advertisers and shoppers provides evidence that richer and more relevant ad formats are the future of paid search. Google’s Hotel Price Ads (HPAs), though still in beta, are a prime example of a new ad format geared towards a specific industry - Travel and Leisure. Similar to PLAs, the new HPA format enables marketers to deliver highly relevant ads, including price, for accommodations that appeal to travelers. Consequently, we expect to see more ad formats emerge across industries like Automotive and Finance, where rich content such as pricing and rates are likely to increase ad relevance and engagement. Get the full story at Search Engine Land