eLong, a web and call centered based travel service provider in China, has seen a noticeable increase in trading volumes over the past 2 weeks. More than 5 times the average number of shares have traded fairly consistently over the past 10 days. This coincides with the hiring of a new CEO and rumors that Expedia is looking to sell their 52% stake in eLong according to Pacific Epoch.

According to Seeking Alpha, after better establishing deep and experienced Chinese management eLong needs to execute and let the great market fundamentals drive the business. China is on the verge of haing 200 million web users. One of the most popular industries searched on Baidu.com (BIDU) is travel related and eLong is bound to get a lot of clicks to their site. Last year less than 10 million people used the services of eLong and Ctrip combined. This leaves around 1.29 billion potential Chinese customers to market to.

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