Many new developments in social media and digital marketing will never take off but here are five that may just impact travel businesses in 2015, according to EyeForTravel. 5. Direct selling comes to social: One of the drawbacks of well-known western social media sites has been the need to link to another web page in order to make a sale. Last year, however, both Facebook and Twitter made the leap by testing ‘buy’ buttons for commercial rollout in 2015. Facebook has been trialing sponsored content with some US companies since July 2014, while in September Twitter said it would embed tweets for selected companies. Having such a direct call to action from consumers will be popular with sellers but will also demand a shift in the way social accounts are managed. However, if you need proof that this will come of age, it’s already happening in Asia where social instant messaging apps like WeChat are already able to take payments. 4. Breaking the language barrier: The internet is the great connector of people but not everybody speaks the same language. Working around this language barrier is expensive but this year new tools look set to bridge the gap. Last year Skype began testing a real-time voice translation tool that can be used to simultaneously translate calls. And in January 2015 Google also released a new version of their popular Google Translate app which includes a similar bi-directional voice interpreting option. The new Google app also includes a function whereby you point the phone camera at a sign and it’s translated on the screen into your language. These apps are far from perfect but they are already usable and should improve as they collect user data. Get the full story at EyeForTravel