Promoting a direct booking strategy begins with understanding that different incentives and messages are effective for different chain scales and geographies. What works for a large resort in California may be very different than what is effective at a select-service property in downtown Cleveland. That’s why it’s so vital to separate the actionable items from the generalities. Whichever direct booking incentive you choose, remember that success hinges upon creating perceived value to stimulate bookings. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel at your hotel to do it—you can showcase proven, every day offers and amenities—as long as you spotlight those perks across all your direct channels, these offerings are often perceived by guests as exclusive to the direct channel, which may make the crucial difference when competing for bookings. Remember: OTAs have to manage thousands of properties, its difficult to impossible for them to keep up with every offer at every hotel. Get the full story at Tambourine