Facebook advertising and Google AdWords can both be viable paid media options depending on your goals and the marketing budget your company has. If you want to read how both Facebook and Google AdWords (paid search) can benefit your paid media strategy by targeting the full funnel, check out my most recent blog on “How to Leverage Paid Media for the Entire Customer’s Journey.” So why is there so much discussion around Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords in the paid media space? Simply put, the continual growth year after year cannot be ignored. According to Forbes, Facebook saw a 50% increase in active advertisers from 2015-2016 and reached 3 million advertisers. In addition, Facebook accounts for 65% of total social network ad spend expected to reach $36 billion this year. Why such a significant growth? This is primarily due to the platform’s targeting capabilities, the growth of mobile, and the growth of engaged users. Get the full story at Search Engine Journal Read also "Hotels mostly post images on Facebook but videos get most engagement" at Tnooz