While no two businesses are alike, often they'll find themselves facing similar problems, and unsure of how to use data to guide them through their decision-making processes. With that in mind, HubSpot tried to think through some common scenarios marketers find themselves in, and what data they'd want to pull from their marketing analytics solution to help guide their decision-making. Take a look, and see if you find yourself in any of these stages yourself. Scenario #1: You need brand awareness. Most businesses will get to a point where they need to think about brand awareness. The company could be an early stage startup creating their brand identity for the first time, or a more mature company looking to do a rebrand. You'll ask yourself: Do people recognize their company and/or logo when they see it? What do people know about their company? What does someone think about when they hear their brand's name? Analytics can help you get to an answer to these questions. Get the full story at HubSpot