A big challenge in technology within the hospitality industry right now is balancing the timing to deploy guest-facing technology versus back-of-the-house technology enhancements - which are often less visible to the guests. No one has unlimited budget or people resources, so opportunity costs must be weighed with every technology-focused decision. Often, the technological enhancements that are the least flashy deliver the largest ROI and long-term benefit to the organization. We know, however, that we have to balance this drive for efficiency with changes in technology that can enhance people’s experiences. "If I had a wish list for our technology providers, it would generally include easily accessible, highly-available, cloud-based services that scale in price and delivery based on our demand", says Jessie Burgess, Executive Vice President, CIO at G6 Hospitality LLC. "This would all be delivered in a secure environment that seamlessly integrates real time data collection for analysis and robust monitoring capability. In addition, we need our technology providers to build and deploy their software within an architecture that allows modular flexibility to plug in or unplug specific components of their software suite as business needs change. In order to achieve this, these providers would need to ensure their contract terms are also structured in a fashion that allows this flexibility for the customer." Get the full story at CIO Review