It only takes a little fine-tuning, though, to gain the insight you need to turn your website into a conversion powerhouse. We all know the challenges today’s hoteliers face. It can feel that you have to be everything at once - the perfect host, the tech genius, the marketing guru. For many hotels, taking the time to set up and monitor a web analytics platform is, understandably, way down the priorities list. However, there are a few key metrics that you really want to be tracking on your website. With that in mind, we’ve put together a Hotelier’s Guide to Google Analytics, crammed full of the stuff you need to know - and nothing you don’t. The Hotelier’s Guide walks you through: - How to measure the content that turns lookers into bookers - The five things hoteliers aren’t doing yet - but should be - Online conversion rates by geo - how do you measure up? - How to use A/B testing well The best way to spot bots (hint: they make up 50% of your web traffic...) Download the free guide at Triptease