Influence marketing is no longer a buzz-term, but a requisite of modern communication. It is the heart of an integrated communications strategy that aligns PR, marketing, advertising, sales and product. Although many industries have already adopted influence marketing as a strategy, hoteliers are still reticent in embracing it as a valuable proposition, missing an important step in converting Internet users into dedicated brand ambassadors for their properties. Snap Traveler, the first industry network that connects hoteliers directly with journalists, citizen journalists, and social media influencers, released today "Influence Marketing: a New Opportunity for the Hotel Industry," a white paper designed to prepare hoteliers to adopt influence marketing as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, aligned with the new realities and demands of modern communications. Starting from the premise that travellers enjoy sharing content related to their experiences, Snap Traveller prepared an authoritative report that shows just how influence marketing can be used to engage with more customers, create more brand awareness, and maximize direct revenues. "Influence is the new travel currency and Influence Marketing is becoming the next big thing for the hospitality industry," said Sébastien Félix, Founder, Snap Traveler. "Fashion, luxury and sports industries are already using influence strategies to promote their producUse yts to the right people. Passionate digital users, who share a lot on Internet, through blogs and social media, and even on smart mobile devices, have a strong impact on public perceptions about specific businesses. Hotels too should consider Influence Marketing, for its intrinsic value, which can transform a hotel name into a powerful brand on social media channels, which return direct bookings." "Influence Marketing: a New Opportunity for the Hotel Industry" emphasises the importance of content in influence marketing, and the relationship between influencers, brands and content as a whole. "Content is essential for a brand to spread a message and have a positive and relevant impact. This is the starting point. Whether in written or visual form, content is what makes the brand attractive for consumers. Original and unique content may be shared and posted on the web, but quality content will have no impact if it is not supported by the right people," Snap Traveller experts explain in the report. Download the report at Snap Traveller