For many, innovation is equated with technology, and only scientists and engineers bring new technologies to life. Yet, innovation can occur in many avenues that have little or nothing to do with technology or science. Service firms, including hospitality firms, can and often do innovate their service offerings, customer experiences and business processes and models. Most innovative firms, however, especially the successful ones, put in play a conscious, purposeful innovation strategy that combines different innovation practices. According to Schumpeter’s theory of innovation, a firm’s innovation strategy and, hence, its innovation intensity covers both technological and non-tech- nological areas. Our definition of innovation strategy in hospitality firms includes combinations of a range of innovative activities encompassing technological innovations—including service, technology and process inno- vations, as well as non-technological innovations—management methods, organization, strategic and marketing innovations. Download the full report at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (PDF 7.9 MB)