To that end, we here at Sojern dug a bit deeper into our hotel data and pulled out some fresh insights for our 2015 Hotel Travel Insights Report specifically around the last-minute traveler: Long haul & not so last minute For our recent last-minute traveler insights, we focused on hotel bookers in the US and first looked at their lead time for trips originating in the US and then heading to the EU. Looking at US to EU hotel bookings, the majority of people aren’t last minute and this makes sense: it’s difficult to find the time and money to just get up and go on an eight hour flight. While these long-haul trips aren’t hugely popular with last-minute bookers, it’s interesting to note that 20% book seven or less days before their trip. That’s no small number and such a data point can be helpful to hoteliers: if you know when your customer booked their long-haul flights, you can serve up ads at times that statistically see a lot of hotel bookings. Get the full story at Sojern