Because the Apple Watch screen is so much smaller than an iPhone and has different interactions, Airbnb discovered that several key features such as browsing listings and saving to a wish list were difficult, the company revealed in a blog post announcing the Apple Watch app. After going back to the drawing board, the company realized that a messaging-focused app best delivered the king of on-the-go, lightweight experience that fits the Apple Watch use case. “The Apple Watch is very much a secondary device; a second screen, if you will, of the iPhone. Naturally, it follows that our Watch app should be just that: a lightweight extension of the Airbnb iOS app,” said Isaac Lim, iOS software engineer at Airbnb, in the blog post. “We needed to capitalize on a targeted and important part of the Airbnb experience that embodied the on-the-go nature of the Apple Watch, and messaging fit that description perfectly,” he said. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily