A recent article by Airbnb on Euromonitor declared: “Airbnb.com Poses Only a Small Threat to Hotel Industry.” The truth according to Vikram Singh of Evision Worldwide is, Airbnb is not only a threat, but is actually a great disruptor for the hotel and travel sector. The article makes three critical errors in reaching its erroneous conclusion. Let’s break them down. Mistake #1: Airbnb is a “vacation rental” business. Characterizing Airbnb as a vacation rental market play is simply not right. The article uses Wyndham Worldwide as an example of a hotel group that “owns one of the oldest vacation rental brands—the British Hoseasons est. 1940” (who knew!). Well, congratulations to Wyndham Worldwide for keeping this a secret from the online world for 70 years! Maybe it was classified as a secret project from the WWII era? To put Airbnb’s reach in perspective, I polled 15 of my best-heeled traveler buddies. Many of them are currently working in the hotel industry. Everyone had used AirBnb or referred a family member to Airbnb at least once. (In case you were wondering, the number of them who contributed any revenue to “British Hoseasons” was ZERO.) Airbnb goes way beyond vacay (I used vacay!) rental people. People book Airbnb for EVERYTHING – vacation, business, events, family get-togethers, elopements, comic conventions, etc. What they are putting in the limelight is how quickly the online travel market is changing and growing. Get the full story at WordsofVikram