The average U.S. consumer has 3.3 devices, according to Forrester Research, and 80 percent of millennials reach for their smartphones as soon as they wake up, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker has reported. Yet, for many companies, mobile conversion rates remain low. Data shows that consumers’ propensity to make purchases on mobile instead of desktop varies by industry, from a high of 36 percent of purchases happening via mobile channels for retail marketplaces (sellers of niche products) down to 4 percent for sports-related purchases. That is not very surprising: For high-consideration purchases, you are more likely to pull the trigger when you are at a desktop or laptop computer, after weighing all the alternatives and making a deliberate and thoughtful choice. What is more surprising is that even for categories where purchase activity on mobile is low, mobile research activity can still be high. Get the full story at Mobile Marketer