In Asia, notorious for some of most expensive hotel rates, capsule hotels beckon as a welcome alternative. Capsule hotels prices are priced around US$50 a night with “nap rates” that charge comfortably by the hour - sitting in a sweet spot between cheaper than hotels, but more luxurious than hostels. “What we’re also seeing now is that some travelers are becoming much more frugal in their spending patterns, and even to an extent, corporates. A lot of travelers just want the basics and all the necessities - what we call ‘affordable luxury.’ They want a room that offers their essential needs, fast Wi-Fi, somewhere to charge their iPads and work from a small desk if necessary. They don’t need a stacked minibar and other ancillary offerings such as day spas or numerous food and beverage options. That’s all usually by the hotel,” says Frank Sorgiovanni, Head of Research in Hotels and Hospitality in Asia Pacific at JLL. Get the full story at Forbes