“Airbnb is really becoming an OTA like Expedia and Booking.com,” said Jay Roberts, CEO, Domio, a tech-enabled hospitality company that is professionalizing the urban and vacation rental market. “Its release of Airbnb Plus now provides travelers with hotel listings side-by-side with professional rentals. This has certainly further blurred the lines between hotels and professionally operated travel rentals, and increased competition among the players that list across these aforementioned OTAs.” Domio is competing within this group of property operators listing across different OTAs, and they differentiate themselves in a few ways. “One way we do that is by focusing on upscale urban and vacation rentals for groups of two or more. Another way we differentiate is by signing multi-year leases with property owners,” said Roberts. “In doing so, Domio takes control over both sourcing potential guests and properties. With this model, the risk inherent in unoccupied nights and property management shifts from owners to Domio.” Get the full story at Hotel Business Read also "Booking.com claims it beats Airbnb in alternative accommodations listings"