Robots butlers, keyless entry and virtual reality-enhanced room bookings: Hotel guests are increasingly being greeted by these once futuristic tech features around the world. In Japan, for instance, self-parking slippers and furniture are able to return to their designated spots after use. A blockchain reward system introduced by Malaysian hospitality firm Hatten Group allows members to collect tokens in exchange for hotel packages and stays. Meanwhile, Andaz Singapore and Hotel New Otani in Tokyo have introduced chatbots for guests as a handy way of providing recommendations and answer any queries. “In some respects, it is easier to trial and grow these concepts within Asia as new-build hotels can incorporate these products and concepts into the design at a very early stage,” says Andrew Langston, Executive Vice President, JLL Hotels and Hospitality Asia Pacific. “Moreover, Millennials grew up with technology and they’re very comfortable with adopting new innovations.” Get the full story at JLL