To get a feel for travel blogger outreach strategies let’s start with a top level overview of how marketers are finding creativity and success. Fashion: All types of fashion brands have jumped on the travel bloggers band wagon. By far, the most popular strategy is for brands to send bloggers clothing or accessories specific for a blogger’s upcoming trip. Many fashion brands create an ongoing strategy with a handful of bloggers and send them an outfit for all of their trips. This leads to authentic and visual content from admired influencers. Hotels and Resorts: The way destination locations are working with travel bloggers is advancing quickly. Some hotels even offer discounts and free rooms to influencers with large followings in exchange for social media and blog posts. Restaurants: Restaurants, who have a country wide location, have teamed up with travel bloggers to highlight new food and strategies. From gluten free menus to image revamping—connecting with travel bloggers has helped restaurant chains get their message across to many people. After all, who doesn’t go out to eat? Get the full story at Maximize Social Business