Personalization While big data allows us to extrapolate the needs of the modern road warrior, personalization is fast becoming the vehicle for fulfilling those needs. Booking travel is a complicated juggling act with a lot of moving parts, including choosing an airline, seating preference on the plane, hotel location, preferred amenities, and required technology interfaces. Imagine the stress relief involved in seamlessly booking a business trip without having to continually regurgitate preferences for a morning flight with a window seat and in-flight Wi-Fi, and the need for a hotel with an in-house restaurant that will cater to dietary restrictions. Now imagine this is followed up with a notification for a tremendous deal at your favorite tropical vacation spot. With the amount of time saved both in searching for various deals and in continually communicating your needs, you may actually be able to take that vacation. Rise of the hotel app The American Hotel and Lodging Association recently published results of a survey of 9,600 respondents indicating that only 11 percent of hotels charge for the internet. This conveniently corresponds with a rise in booking, check-in, and concierge mobile apps and online-services opportunities. One year ago, the latest innovative technology could be found in companies like CheckMate, which allows you to check into your hotel room via your mobile phone. Now, the bar has been pushed even higher, with many hotels beginning to utilize a mobile app as a hotel room key, thus allowing guests to bypass the front desk altogether, if they prefer. Get the full story at Inc. Read also "Is this the end of the road for business travel?" at The Conversation