If you’re relying on traditional customer satisfaction surveys to track and improve your performance, it’s almost guaranteed that you will not learn enough to make meaningful changes that will impact your business and bottom line. In previous writings on this subject, we offered up a few tricks for analyzing both structured satisfaction data and unstructured (i.e. open-ended questions) data to reveal actionable insights to enhance customer experience. However, that’s not sufficient. You need a disciplined strategy in place that’s going to walk you through the exact process for engaging your customers with your brand story at the right time and in the right place. It’ll take work to put the right frame of thinking in place, but it’s worth it. And just when you think that you’ve figured it out, it will be time to adapt and adjust again. Jim Blasingame, the author of The Age of the Customer and host of syndicated radio program Small Business Advocate recently pointed this out. Get the full story at Business 2 Community