At the high end, travel brands are basically saying “our core offering is exactly the same as those others, but we’ll make you feel more special than they do”. The low-cost end of the market even makes this extra layer a virtue by its absence; “if you don’t want the frills, don’t pay for the frills." Given this focus, with more and more data available, and more and more sophisticated technologies at their disposal to help use that data in delivering truly personalised experiences, it feels like, with no pun intended, the sky should be the limit for travel brands seeking ways truly to add value. And yet… Even if a passenger is not part of a frequent flyer programme (and far more so if they are), an airline knows a lot about a passenger, over and above the basics of name, date of birth and other profile data. It knows where we travel and how frequently; what class of travel we use and which fare category within it; how far in advance we book; whether we use online or airport check-in and when exactly we do that relative to departure time; whether we use their app if they have one, whether we use their airport services (lounges, travel assistance) and more beside. Get the full story at The Drum