According to the study, 81 percent of travelers initially abandon their bookings online. This happens for several reasons, including: just looking/want to do more research (39 percent), price too high/want to compare (37 percent), need to get the opinions of other travelers (21 percent), booking process is too long/complicated checkout (13 percent), technical issues/lost connection (9 percent), and payment issue/lack of options (7 percent). During the booking process, 53 percent of travelers jump ship when they are shown the total price, 26 percent abandon when they are asked for personal details and 21 percent flee when asked for payment details. It comes as no surprise that cost is a heavy factor in the booking process. It’s also worth noting that the No. 1 reason why travelers abandon their bookings is because they are simply in the initial stages and browsing their options. After all, 87 percent of respondents said they would consider returning to their initial booking eventually, including 33 percent during the same day and 43 percent within one week. Get the full story at TravelPulse