The three main reasons that Yelp tends to categorize most of the feedback it gets when it ask users why they contribute to Yelp. The first one is altruism, and that tends to be the biggest one so there’s this idea that they’ve gotten so much out of Yelp, and they want to give back to the community, or they’re champions for their local community and they want everyone around them to have the same great experiences that they’re having. The second one is experience, so these are your food journalers, or your food bloggers, or people who are really participating in Yelp mostly for their own benefits. They like writing about their experiences. It’s kind of like their experience diary if you will. The third theme is very feedback-driven. Thankfully, most of it is positive feedback, but it’s giving feedback either to other people, or mostly to the business themselves, so a thank you of what a great experience they had, or some suggestions for improvement. Get the full story at The Verge