Indeed, Revenue Management and Marketing need to do an better job of working together. One way they can do this is not only evaluating pace to forecast together, but also observing future demand trends. That includes a full range of forward-looking insights on the market and hotel level such as: - Demographic types of transient consumers showing the highest level of interest and booking activity - Top geographic sources of travel consumer activity - Booking lead times as they vary by source markets and demographics - Responsiveness of consumers to future rates by property and competitors When it’s easy for Marketing to tweak the targeting criteria with this information in existing marketing programs such as Google PPC, OTA and TripAdvisor Display, Retargeting, Email Marketing, Facebook and Content Marketing, then the hotel truly can do a better job beating it’s competitors to available demand. Offering data that hotels have never had access to before now, such as with nSight’s Demand Forecasting calendar, provides a dynamic view of leisure travel by incorporating rate, booking performance and consumer intent to travel into a single view that is useful to both revenue management and marketing. Get the full story at nSight