Already Expedia has begun to change the way HomeAway, which has more than one million listings, makes money. To close its “take-away” gap with AirBNB, HomeAway now charges a booking fee to property owners and a renting fee for the traveler, just like Airbnb. That’s caused some friction with vacation-renters, but it’s likely to make a big difference to the company’s bottom line. What’s more, Expedia plans to cross-sell HomeAway listings on its massive Expedia network. That makes it a threat to Airbnb, because vacationers who don’t care if they stay at a hotel or a home can now simply search one site. “We believe the transition of the business model and the addition of consumer fees could present meaningful upside over the long term,” Lee writes. He sees Expedia shares jumping to $145 from a recent $124. Get the full story at Barron's