The last two years have often been dominated by talk of the “direct booking wars” between hotel brands and online travel agencies for the hearts and wallets of consumers. Going forward, you should expect to see these two entities vying not only for consumers, but for hotel owners, too. Perhaps we may not get to a point where we have physical hotels that are branded as Expedia, Priceline, TripAdvisor, or “powered by Google” anytime in the immediate future, but you can expect these online travel agencies and tech platforms to develop even more programs, or ways to bring more hotel owners into their fold — and try to cut out hotel management companies along the way. Perhaps these companies will strike their own contracts with independents and change their fee models, offering packages to provide the services that hotel management companies traditionally do: distribution, marketing, loyalty, access to technology, and, maybe even operations expertise (or have that outsourced by another third party). Maybe they’ll launch their own versions of a soft brand collection. Or maybe they just might try to have their own versions of a hotel, similar to how Niido Powered by Airbnb apartment complexes will be. Get the full story at Skift